Essential Oils

“Approach plants with respect for their sacredness and they will share their medicine with you.”
Dr. Sharol Marie Tilgner

Young Living Essential Oil Distributor #1210958
Essential oils are aromatic, promote emotional, physical & spiritual well being, are antibacterial, stimulate the immune system and are powerful antioxidants. I use essential oils regularly when teaching yoga & in my daily life.

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My Favorite Oils
Peace & Calming : Calms my son before bed & students during svasana. Sweet aroma. Om Shanti!
Peppermint : Alerts the senses. Soothes the belly & aids digestion. Freshens the breath.  Ahhhh!
R.C. : Clears the sinuses. Alerts the senses. Breathe!
Sacred Mountain : Promotes feels of strength, empowerment, grounding & protection.
Great for enhancing experiences in nature.  Earthy essence.
Thieves : Wards off illness during cold & flu season. Builds immunity.
Valor : Anti-inflammatory properties keep joints strong.