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I have often referred to myself lovingly as a yoga geek.  A large percentage of my life experiences, I filter through yogic perspective transmitters in my head and I move forward actively from this perspective.  It has allowed me to engage more pro-actively in life and less re-actively.  Nearly everything I do comes from this core space within, the center, the heart, the soul, the connected being.  Sometimes clever, sometimes creative, sometimes silly, sexy, sad, or sweet, there is no telling where the mind will wander.  And so I share…

Why Blog Fox? 

The fox is my power animal.  Through acknowledging my power animal, I have discovered parts of my inner begin that are reflective of the magnificent four-legged creature.  The fox has taught me self-discovery and self-acceptance.  The more I learn about the fox, the more I learn about myself.  The fox is clever and inspires us to think differently and outside of the box.  Through this, I have elevated various aspects of myself, including the literary side.  Ever since I learned that the fox was my power animal, I have uncontrollably been writing.

And so I share…


  • Age is Just a Number. Today, I was 87 Years Old!

    I just sat with an 87 year old woman for 1 hour on a park bench!
    The lesson keeps surfacing in my life >>> AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! Connection comes in so many forms, across so many lines and through so many realms.
    The force of the Triple Goddess revealed itself 100-fold today!
    I was walking Lilly at the park behind my house w/out a leash.
    Lilly ran up to the woman who was sitting on a bench.
    Turns out she was dead asleep!

    Lilly jumped up on her lap and began smooching and cuddling her!
    The woman eventually, but not easily, woke up.
    I said hello, sat beside her and asked if she was ok.
    She was confused.
    Did not know where she was.
    She refused to say that she was not ok however.
    Here clarity was compromised, her memory vague.

    So I sat longer.
    I held her hand.
    She told me I was beautiful. Over and over.

    I asked if she knew her name. She did not, at that moment.
    I asked if she knew where she lived.
    She said Ellen St.

    She asked me what church I go to.
    I told her I did not go to church.
    She told me that this was interesting.
    She asked if I was scared then about dying.
    Where will I go, if not to God?
    I told her that I will go to God.
    I explained my belief system.
    She listened.
    She looked at me and told me I was beautiful. Then again.

    We spoke for a total of an hour.
    Her name is Elsa.
    She has 4 children.
    Her husband died 4 years ago.
    Her mind is foggy, because she had a stroke.
    She is from Denmark.
    She has a house on the East coast.
    Her mother was Italian.
    She has a 50-year old son that she would like to set me up with..ha (if she only knew how wild I was!!)

    She is happy she was married.
    She understands why I am single.

    She gave me a Ricola.
    I ate it, even though I didn’t need too.
    She asked if I like music!!!
    Uhm, yeah!

    I sang the Om Purnam Mantra to her.
    She got teared up and told me I was beautiful.
    And again.

    I offered to walk her home, but she refused.
    I followed her to Ellen St., then let her go.

    It was so tender, so loving and so real.

    I am in love with this life ever deeper today because of Elsa


  • Spring

    Spring 🌱
    I am walking straight into you tomorrow.
    I am not looking back for a split second.
    I am ready for your solar presence on my skin and backbone.
    I am heavy from the winter and have a few things to shed.
    I consumed.
    I held on.
    I stored up.
    I gave it time.
    I remained patient.
    I allowed the vision to stew.
    I did winter.
    Winter did me.
    I’m walking straight out of winter tomorrow.
    True to truth, the cycle begins again.
    I’m attuned to the message from the warming earths surface. It descends through the soil to the tips of roots.
    Time to detach from the low down.
    Gather nourishment on the rise and come to see the sun.
    I’m ready to get light.
    I’m ready to be light.
    I’m purging.
    I’m letting go.
    I’m giving.
    I’m activating.
    I’m offering.
    I’m in motion.
    I’m ready for Spring.
    So I am walking straight into it tomorrow.

    Equinox Blessings Sweet Ones!
    I am doing a tea & water fast tomorrow to get light.
    For me, fasting directs awareness.
    I am bringing my awareness to personal growth and leading with love.

    Image of Goddess Eoestre:

  • Trump is President? If I don’t write, my heart will explode!

    I wrote this on election day…I’m just going to put this right here…

    Women of the planet, we must rise.
    We must become the leaders.
    You have seen our descent; now watch our rising.
    Do not panic.
    We must adapt.
    Our silence must end.
    Our revolution must begin.
    We have clearly been called to action.
    There is a terror before us.
    It is not time to be polite.
    It is not time to be fearful.
    It is not time to be doubtful.
    It is not time to be silent.
    It is not time to point fingers.
    It is time to take back our nation.
    It is not time to put on make-up.
    It is not time to shave.
    It is not time to be sexy.
    It is not time to be polite.
    It is not time to sacrifice our children to their systems of war.
    It is not time support the media-driven fear that we are not enough.
    Women, we must change!
    We have allowed men to create a power driven society.
    We have given them their time, and now it is ours.
    Release your fear. Ask the men that want to change to stand behind you in force, but gather your sisters, your mothers, your tribe and lead the charge towards everything you know that can transform this darkness into light.
    It is time for the men to follow us. No exceptions. They have had their go, time and time again, and this ends now! The ones who understand how critical it is to allow the divine feminine to rise and heal the wounds of our nation will use their privileged position to hold space for us. The ones who do not, must be overwhelmed by power and held down until they are ready for love. They too are love, they have just forgotten.
    The leadership of white men has brought us to a place of war, hate, bigotry, injustice, oppressions, intolerance, greed, power and inhumanity. As a nation, we have returned to an infancy that only a mother can heal. Men cannot fix this through leadership. They are not capable right now. It is our turn.
    It is time to administer our intuition; our wisdom; our peace methods, our remedies, our boundaries, our truth, but more importantly, our strength.
    Our strength does not come from the rape of our planet or banks, or big business, or the media or the oppression of others like the white man has taught us. They have used these methods and we’ve seen it’s failure. We must reject all that they have built and walk back to the margins. The core of our nation is saturated with illusion and corruption. We must take the hands of our brothers and sisters and move back in to the center moving out all that is not soul!
    Sweet Sisters of the planet, it is time.
    The wars and reign of the white man must end.
    We must say what is hard.
    We must change the thinking, so that it is not hard to say.
    We must change what remains within ourselves that has allowed this.
    Do not panic.
    We must adapt.
    It is simply our time to rise.
    It is time for women to overwhelm the system with our loving, nurturing and healing power.
    It is time to take drastic measures!
    We must stop buying their shit.
    – Meggan Riley –

  • May 10, 2015 – Mother’s Day

    Confessions of Light from a Dark Side of Mothering…

    Many of you know my story. I share it because that’s my style. I have little to hide, and more importantly, I am one of those wild souls, unleashed emotionally. I work towards greater emotional control, but it’s my greatest challenge. Fortunately, I tend to ride the winds with love and joy more than hatred or sorrow. But when my grey weathered friends make an appearance, I dig into my shadows, take root and wait for the decomposed emotion I’ve shed to blossom from the internal nature of me again. It’s how I grow.

    Today is Mother’s Day. I am a mother who is head over heels and wildly in love with my son. He has been the driving force behind every major decision I have made for nearly eight years. He is the purest love I know. But it took me time to come to this love. Here is my story…

    I did not land smoothly into mothering. I was not at all “a natural” and I struggled deeply with adapting to the role. The shock of going from completely independent, to having a small being completely dependent upon me, was awkward and just plain foreign. I never imagined this would happen to me, but it did. I had no idea how I would respond to mothering, until I was a mother. And guess what? I didn’t like it at first. I had no idea this could happen!

    It is no secret that I am a devoted yogi. Yoga has set me in a direction where self-reflection is vital. It has taught me that knowing oneself is the key to healing oneself and ultimately being at peace with oneself. I am not in the least bit afraid to be truthful with myself when I am hurting, suffering or dwelling within my shadows. In fact, I am totally enthralled with the journey of self-discovery. I crave the knowing. I am eager to wipe away the illusions of my own perceptions and get to the gold.

    That’s why I am not ashamed to tell my story. It’s wild the way we peel layer upon layer of the illusion away, and there, beneath it all, there we are. Once we see ourselves, we are ourselves. And guess what? I am a mother. I am a beautiful, loving, flawed, emotional, creative and imperfect mother. But, because I was willing to dig into the dark side of my mothering, I was able to discover the lustrous side.

    For me, I had to learn to be a mother. I wasn’t one of those women who intrinsically knew what to do. So I struggled. I struggled for years. One f the first things I figured out, was that my life, fundamentally, was not family friendly. So when my son arrived, my internal and external worlds collided. Inside I was ready, but outside I felt assaulted. At that point, I knew part of the problem, but how was I going to fix it? So, I began more digging.

    I never once accepted that I wasn’t a good mother. I was willing to admit I was struggling with it, but I knew there were layers of conflict and illusion that I had to discover, face and remove. So, I dug deep through meditation, asana, healers, reflection and guided journeys. I went to friends and family, began sharing, crying, falling to my knees, breaking to pieces, picking myself up and trying again. I never once lost sight, that I was a mother, I just needed to get to it. And finally, I dug deep enough to discover the changes I needed to make in my life. It was like the fucking Alchemist when I finally figured it out. All I had to do was go home. So I moved. I moved across the country to the home where I grew up. I moved to be with my mother and my sisters, my tribe. I needed the tribe of women that were most connected to me so that I could connect to my self. They nurtured me and I began to more naturally nurture my son. And although it took time, with my tribe I was nourished. I re-built my life in a way that supported me as a mother.

    For those parents out there who can relate even an ounce to my story, you will understand that there was never a lack of love, only a lack of self-identity. It is a scary place to be…but I always knew that love was stronger than fear. I never lost sight of looking within so that I could step into my role as a mother. I loved my son through the depths of my shadows and love him as well in the rays of my light. I will never be ashamed that I needed to grow into the mother that I am. It is a journey that has brought me home…yes the home of my origin, but more so the home of my heart. Today I can celebrate the light and the dark side of my mothering. This journey was intended for me and has made me the mother I am today. Because I took the time, because I did not run away from my fears, but rather ran through them, I am in a place of wisdom and truth. And how proud I am to share these with my son!